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Our state-of-the-art technologies support comprehensive analysis and training solutions to reveal and enable true golfing potential

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The Bull 3D System

The Bull 3D System comprises all of the technologies that support our own analysis and training services and are also available to golfing venues and third party coaches to enhance their own customer experience.

Read more about some of the key elements below:


Our system utilises a vast array of state-of-the-art sensors to capture each aspect of movement during every golfing action.

Read more about its component technologies in our hardware guide.


We have developed what we believe is the most advanced and capable system in the golfing industry that takes all of data captured by the various sensors and transforms it into a comprehensive analysis in real-time and recorded for follow-up analysis on which future training can be based.

Read more about its capabilities and view a selection of output - video, images and data reports - in our software guide.

Training + Support

Those purchasing the Bull 3D System for their venue or service company are provided with comprehensive training and support.

Find out more in our training and support guide.

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