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Use GravityFit to understand your body structure and connect back to your swing feels. In short, the frame golfers employ at set up helps determine the way they move in swing, therefore imbalances through the body structure controls the compensatory movements that golfers use to move around these imbalances. GravityFit extends Core Stability to the whole body, and incorporates recent Gravitational Science to develop a ground breaking system of exercise tools, principles and techniques. It has been adopted by many top physiotherapists, rehabilitation and exercise specialists with great success and endorsement.

Gravity fit kit

Designed by world renowned founder of Core Stability, Dr Carolyn Richardson, it is the only exercise system designed to progressively increase the sensory effect of Gravity, with targeted recruitment of the correct muscles, to strengthen the deep body framework. This unique model provides a complete methodology for assessment and exercise progression which is now being recognised as being revolutionary and essential for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, bone and joint health and enhancing physical performance. Thank you to Dr Carolyn Richardson for providing this information and use of the images.

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Kit Contents

  • Core awareness belt
    Core awareness belt
  • Thoracic stabiliser
    Thoracic stabliiser
  • Gravity skull cap
    Gravity skull cap
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