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We can supply a range of equipment to help you improve your fitness and your golf.

The following is a selection of aids that we particularly recommend, together with information on the products and their use.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.



A revolutionary system incorporating gravitational science to develop a ground breaking system of exercise principles, tools and techniques with targeted recruitment of the correct muscles to strengthen the deep body framework.

More details on GravityFit

Ultimate Golf Workout Kit

The Ultimate Golf Workout Kit

Comprising a posture belt, posture bar, a gravity skull cap, a mini band and a SpikeyBall, make our Ultimate Golf Workout Kit part of your warm-up routine or as part of your full golf-specific strength and conditioning programme.

More details on the Ultimate Golf Workout Kit


The SpikeyBall

The SpikeyBall

The SpikeyBall has been used extensively to alleviate fixed postures, muscle imbalances and other effects of excessive repetition associated with the sport of golf.

Posture belt

Posture belt

Mini bands

Mini band
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