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Use the latest Bull3D technology to understand and help improve your putting.

Acquire realtime 3D data on the segment position and orientation for:

  • pelvis, ribcage, head, neck, shoulder, arm, hand and wrist.
  • Also club data including:

  • Club face rotation
  • Ball launch
  • Loft
  • Path
  • Shaft lean
  • Shaft plane
  • Face to path
  • Rise angle
  • Club distance
  • Time
  • Biofeedback training

    Use realtime biofeedback on all of these variables to help awareness and understanding of each movement.

    Task based practice

    The Bull3D putting system allows to to be variable in your practice by allowing you to aim at different target, different slopes, lies etc therefore locating stroke variability as well as helping understand certain putt directions/slopes you may find more challenging vs. ones you find less demanding. In short, understand why you miss where you miss

    Use realtime task based approach for putting such as club face arrow and realtime target line.

    Sample reports

    Bull3D Session pdf

    Short game data pdf

    Booking + Fees

    More Information

    • Bull 3D System - learn about our industry-leading technologies
    • Software - see examples of the detailed output - video, images, graphs and reports - produced by .
    • Case studies - see how our system has helped clients correct their technique, improve their game and avoid injury in their own words.
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