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Long-Term Athletic Development

The following long-term development scheme was originally designed with young golfers and other athletes in mind. However, regardless of whether you're eight or eighty you can be placed somewhere on the physical development continuum. At each stage appropriate training can be given to the golfer depending on their levels of physical literacy rather than age.

The six key stages are set out below.

All of our services are tailored for you as an individual, so with our 3D analysis and golf-specific screening we can identify which stage you're at and develop a programme that's right for you.

FundamentalsSkills often associated with young golfers which encourage learning of new motor skills - throwing, running, kicking, pushing, pulling, climbing, etc.
Learning to trainLearning and developing overall sports skills that can be transferred to golf
Training to trainDeveloping an anaerobic and aerobic base, developing strength and consolidating golf/sport skills
Training to competeOptimising performance and training in relation to the demands of golf, i.e. more powerful, more explosive club head spead, meaning more distance
Training to winLearning to compete and win at your highest level
Active for lifeRemaining physically competent and able to enjoy golf to the best of your ability for as long as possible, well into your later years
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