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Golf Fitness

Looking to improve your fitness for golf or to do physical conditioning work but scared you may do the wrong type of training?

Do you suffer from lack of distance, injury, fatigue, poor posture or lack of flexibility and mobility? We can provide you with solutions to all of these and improve your distance and golf health.

Using 3D biomechanical analysis and working with some of the world's leading physiotherapists and athletic development trainers we can undertake a full golf-specific screening to determine the areas of physical improvement you need to work on and develop a golf-specific strength and conditioning programme to help you improve your fitness for golf, both improving your game and avoiding potential future injuries.

Better body, better game ... with Bull 3D

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Golf Fitness Services

In-depth guide to fitness services - read more about the detailed screening and personal fitness development work we can undertake with you to help you improve both your fitness and your game.

Long-term athletic development - no two golfers are the same, but by building on broad categories based on your current physique and stage of learning we can develop a regime to suit your abilities and goals.

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  • Articles - visit our library of articles on golf fitness, health and exercise written by world-leading experts.
  • Encyclopedia - our in-depth resource featuring topics such as 'The Golfer's Body' and 'Postural Breakdown'.
  • Exercise videos - view examples of the golf-specific exercises we can include in a personalised conditioning plan.
  • Equipment store - we can supply a variety of exercise aids, therapy devices and other equipment.

The exercises were superb (although challenging). I can't believe the immediate improvements I felt in my swing. I felt so powerful through impact. Going to do them everyday!

Matthew Waters - 2 handicap, Purley Downs Golf Club

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