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Case Studies

Want to know just how good the 3D system is? Don't just take our word for it! Read about how it has helped our clients correct their technique, improve their game and avoid injury with our case studies.

A glance at our list of clients demonstrates how valuable our services can be for all levels of golfer.

Bruce Carter

Age: 38
Handicap: 12

Bad shot: Shank or top shot

In this case study, the client had too much hip turn in the backswing and then lacked shift and tilt of his hips in the downswing, resulting in his handpath being too much on the outside. After biofeedback training and doing the appropriate swing drills, much improved hip motion in both back- and downswing resulted in a better handpath.


Bruce said:
"Within 10 minutes of biofeedback my shanks had gone and I was hitting the ball perfectly. More importantly I know exactly what to work on and how it should feel!"

Peter Finnie

Age: 39
Handicap: 21

Bad shot: Pull/slice and occasional shank

In this case study, the client set up with his head too far forwards, possibly as a result of too much time sat in poor posture in the office. He also had too much head sway and lift in the backswing. Once we improved his postural awareness and went through a series of drills and biofeedback training, a much more stable and improved backswing was achieved.


Peter said:
"The most comprehensive lesson I have ever had, accurate advice and the biofeedback makes it so simple! Great stuff!"

Steve Parry

Age: 30

Bad shot: Hook and inconsistency

In this case study, the client set up with his right hip too high and his head too far forwards, possibly due to prolonged practice in fixed posture. In the downswing his weight backed up onto his right side. With biofeedback training and appropriate drills a much improved setup and impact position were achieved, leading to multiple professional tournament success!


Steve said:
"Before I started working with Mark in 3D I could never do what my coach wanted me to do. Now I am able to swing how my coach and I would like me to and it has given me more distance and greater accuracy."

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