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3D Biomechanics

Using the latest in 3D analysis equipment, golf biomechanics provides expert interpretative biomechanical reporting on body, arm, hand and club motions during the golf swing.

Real-time position and orientation of various parts of the body (head, shoulders, arms, hips, hands, club, etc.) are recorded as the golfer swings the club - all in three dimensions. We integrate this with force plates to provide you with an optimal swing assessment. The measurement system is coupled with a capacity for biofeedback training - proven to speed up the learning process.

The system is available for full swing and short game analysis.

Take video analysis further by adding a third dimension!

3D analysis montage

3D Services

In-depth guide to 3D biomechanics - find out all about the Bull 3D biomechanics system, its specific benefits and how using 3D can help you improve your swing and to play better golf through measurement, physical assessment and biofeedback training.

Biofeedback training - see how you can correct your technique with live 3D support in this section, including a video gallery of biofeedback training in action.

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More Information

  • Bull 3D System - learn about our industry-leading technologies
  • Software - see examples of the detailed output - video, images, graphs and reports - produced by .
  • Case studies - see how our system has helped clients correct their technique, improve their game and avoid injury in their own words.
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