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Using cutting edge technologies and applying the latest in global sports science and research, we'll help you achieve your true golfing potential.

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Services Overview

Our industry-leading golf analysis and training services can be defined in two broad categories:

How We Work

Using the latest state-of-the-art technologies in the Bull 3D System to undertake full technical analysis and offering through physical assessment to help assess and develop a tailored programme for each client, Bull 3D provides an industry-leading service to help every golfer improve their game.

No matter what level an individual plays at - beginner through to top-level professional - there is always a real and proven benefit to our comprehensive analysis and the personalised training plan it enables us to develop.

We offer our services to all - elite players, coaches and physio/health professionals through keen amateurs to the complete beginner.

Booking + Fees

Additional Resources

We've collected a variety of additional information (articles, videos, etc.) that we use with our clients or that we've come across in our research or working with industry partners, which we're happy to make available for free - see the 'Resources' list for more details.

Tailored Services

Find out more about our service offerings for individuals, squads and allied professionals:

Proven Success

Take a look at the following examples of Bull 3D's work in action:


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