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Golf-Specific Exercises

Using 3D biomechanical analysis and working with some of the world's leading physiotherapists and athletic development trainers we can undertake a full golf-specific screening to determine the areas of physical improvement you need to work on.

Using these key insights into your current physical performance and areas you need to work on, we can develop a tailored programme of exercise drills to address those key aspects of your fitness, helping you achieve a better body and a better game.

Select from the sample videos below to see just some of the golf-specific exercises we can suggest to help you develop your fitness for golf.

Bull 3D provides a range of fitness services and information - including one-on-one assessment and training, Train Like a Tour Pro camps and a range of articles written by the world's leading experts - to help you achieve your true golfing potential. Browse this site to find out more or get in touch to find out just what we can do for you.

Please take note of our 'exercise- and health-related content disclaimer' before embarking on a new or enhanced training regime.

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