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Postural Breakdown

Research by Mark Bull has shown the major influence that a golfer's daily posture can have on their golf swing mechanics.

Work by world renowned physiotherapist Ramsay McMaster highlighted that there were 12 common motor patterns. These 'postural breakdowns' were then linked to 3D biomechanics data and patterns started to emerge. It became apparent through connecting the findings of McMaster and Bull that if a golfer has a certain postural imbalance, it is almost inevitable that they will exhibit set movements in their swing.

Postural imbalances can be caused by many factors, typically including prolonged practice without appropriate break out drills (circuit breakers), sedentary lifestyles, growth spurts in adolescence golfers, overuse, incorrect exercise regimes, fixed positions (driving, excessive computer use, etc.) and a lack of cross-pollination gained from playing a selection of different sports.

In this section, we have set out a few examples of these common motor patterns associated to postural breakdown and this links to typical swing faults.

Posture Chart

Posture chart

Download our Posture Chart to see examples of poor posture, how it affects the golf swing and simple exercise drills you can use to help improve your posture and performance.

At Bull 3D we can analyse your movement patterns and golf performance in great detail and can then develop an appropriate training and development programme to help rectify faults, improve your physical wellbeing and ensure you can reach your true golfing potential. Get in touch to find out how.

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