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The Golfer's Body

Deep Postural Muscles Firing

Here is an excellent example of how a golfer's body should look from behind.

Here you can see the deep, postural muscles - that help produce a golfer's feel, postural awareness, connection, sequence, timing, power and rotation - working extremely well.

Note the large 'X' shape muscles firing - these are crucial in encouraging good rotation and feel/awareness within the golfer's body and allow the spine and pelvis to function correctly.

You can also see well defined scapula stabilisers (shoulder blades) working towards the end of this clip - these are critical in encouraging good arm and upper torso (thorax) connection, as well as helping the golfer maintain good postural control especially in the downswing.

Remember - golf is a centrifugal movement - the power is developed from the inside out. This is how a golfer's body should be conditioned.

The Golfer's Body gallery

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