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The Golfer's Body

The golf swing is a multi-joint, multi-plane and multi-directional movement. It requires control, mobility and explosive speed, all co‑ordinated in the correct sequence.

Done correctly, the golfer has more chance to become efficient, adaptable and pain-free. One of the biggest threats golfers face in the modern world is the effects of sedentary lifestyle, over-use of computers, smart phones and other forms of technology which require excessive time slumped in poor posture. Often golfers will be exposed to this lifestyle for prolonged periods during a week, then they go and train using seated machines in the gym that only serve to develop large superficial muscle groups and further encourage poor postures and fixed positions, such as poking chin, rounded shoulders, weak glutes, etc.

This gallery sets out the key muscle groups that golfers typically need to strengthen, together with a number of videos demonstrating sample exercises which can help achieve a good golfing body. These are muscles close to the bone and are those that have the largest influence on the key aspects of the golf swing, such as postural awareness, rotation, control, speed, adaptability, efficiency, sequencing and the ability to swing pain-free.

Bull 3D provides a range of fitness services and information - including one-on-one assessment and training, Train Like a Tour Pro camps and a range of articles written by the world's leading experts - to help you achieve your true golfing potential. Browse this site to find out more or get in touch to find out just what we can do for you.

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