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This section of our website contains some of the in-depth information we've researched and studied over the years, presented in a handy format to help inform and guide you in your physical and golfing development.

Golfer's Body image The Golfer's Body

The golf swing is a multi-joint, multi-plane and multi-directional movement needing control, mobility and explosive speed co-ordinated in the correct sequence. Understand the golfer's body to target the key physical components in your training and achieve your true potential.

Posture image Postural Breakdown

Fighting against postural breakdown is key to achieving better golf technique and winning results. Deepen your understanding with this insight into our research and ongoing training and development work.

Golfing image Common Faults

Working with players at all levels internationally, we see a number of common faults where a small adjustment can often easily lead to a big improvement in performance and wellbeing.

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