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As we continually develop our services and technologies, we use a variety of materials in our studies and research and while working with our clients.

The following sections include a small selection of those materials which we hope will help all golfers and related professionals improve their performance.

Articles image Articles

In our articles library you can find a wide selection of guides and papers written by the world's leading experts in sports physiotherapy, strength and conditioning training and golf goaching, to help you further improve your game and overall fitness level.

Encyclopedia image Encyclopedia

We have also added an expanding encyclopedia, with such in-depth features as a rich video gallery on The Golfer's Body and a guide to postural breakdown - key areas that our own work can help you address.

Exercise videos image Exercise videos

As part of our work with both leading professionals and enthusiastic amateurs, we devise tailored exercise and conditioning programmes for our clients. Here we've set out a few example exercises to give you an idea of what we could do for you.

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