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At Bull 3D we can provide a wide range of complementary products and services to enhance your golf performance

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At Bull 3D, our focus is on providing 3D biomechanical analysis and training and golf fitness services and developing the Bull 3D System technologies. However, we use a variety of materials that can also be of wider use in the golfing community.

This area of our site features store pages where you'll find a range of useful equipment and service gift vouchers plus a range of free reference material.


Our store pages showcase three main areas:

  • Bull 3D System - details on the availability of our technologies for use by golfing venues and related service providers
  • Equipment - a range of golfing and exercise aids, as used with our own clients
  • Services - details on bookings and gift vouchers for Bull 3D 3D analysis, training and golf fitness services


As we continually develop our services and technologies, we use a variety of materials in our studies and research and while working with our clients.

The following sections include a selection of those reference materials which we hope will help all golfers and related professionals improve their performance.

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