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Train Like a Tour Pro

Join Bull 3D and enjoy life as a tour professional.

Embark on the ultimate game improvement experience where you will cover all aspects of physical conditioning and technical improvement.

Our 'Train Like a Tour Pro' camps have been hugely successful and extremely popular across the world with players of all standards.

These camps are available in three formats, including:

  • Full Day - 3D analysis, biofeedback, screening, exercise, strength and conditioning, massage and golf
  • Half Day - 3D analysis, biofeedback, screening and exercise
  • 3-Hour Session - full 3D biomechanical analysis, physical screening and exercise programme

Read on to discover the full range of activities included in the camps and the benefits they will bring for you and your game.

For details and to book a place on upcoming Train Like a Tour Pro camps, check our schedule or get in touch.

What's included in the Train Like a Tour Pro camp:

3D analysis image

Full 3D biomechanical golf swing analysis

Understand exactly what's happening in your swing.

3D analysis provides the answers to all your golf issues, both physically and technically. Acting as a lie detector, it will tell you what's happening and, more importantly, why it's happening.

Biofeedback training

Audible tone (biofeedback) training

Using real-time feedback, make changes immediately and feel exactly where you should be in your swing. Biofeedback hugely speeds up the learning process.

Musculoskeletal screening

Full golf-specific musculoskeletal screening

Understand your body and its limitations in muscle imbalances, postural issues and how they affect your ability to swing as you would like. After all, it's no good trying to swing in a certain way if your body physically just can't do it!


Golf-specific exercise and training programme

Have your own golf-specific exercises tailored to your golf swing and your body. Rather than following a generic regime that you would be assigned in most gyms, have this made to measure for your golf swing.

Lifting weights

Full strength and conditioning programme

A complete strength and conditioning screening allows you to develop your golf fitness and maintain peak performance over a lengthy period.


Full golf-specific massage

Relax and enjoy this massage experience, aimed at re-energising the muscles that notoriously become tight and over-used in golfers. Follow this up at home with SpikeyBall exercises that you can do pre- and post-round.

Reigate Hill Golf Club

Play the game

Finally, take all that you have learnt onto the course at Reigate Hill Golf Club, in the stunning surroundings of the Surrey countryside.

Train Like a Tour Pro

Get further information on the camp structure and read about the experiences of a golfer who became a tour player at one of our camps with the articles below:

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