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Our Base and Venues

Bull 3D is based in purpose-built facilities within Sean Foley Performance at EaglesDream in Orlando, Florida, and Foxhills Country Club, Ottershaw, Surrey, England.

USA - Sean Foley Performance

Timacuan Golf Club

Our main base is at Sean Foley Performance at Timacuan Golf and Country Club, Orlando, Florida.

UK - Foxhills Golf Club

Foxhills Golf Club

Our UK base is at Foxhills Golf Club in Surrey.

Bull 3D Studios

Our dedicated studios are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art Bull 3D System to help us deliver a comprehensive analysis and development programme for you, including:

  • 3D analysis system with regularly updated software
  • Wireless sensor kit
  • Integrated force plates
  • Multiple 32" monitors for realtime playback
  • Indoor and outdoor hitting facilities
  • Many more new training aids and devices to help your development and add to the learning environment.
Bull 3D studio
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