New values - club tangential and normal forces

Hello all,

Two new club force values have been added:

Tangential force and normal force:

Tangential force - this is the linear force in the direction the handle is moving. According to the research by Mackenzie et al (2020), this has a 92% influence on the clubhead speed outcome, therefore it is of huge relevance.  I will share some case studies explaining this force in more detail as to what both the plot shapes and values are revealing.

Normal force - this essentially is measuring the the force moving up the club shaft as it moves throughout the swing, in essence centripetal force. This is extremely influential on how the segments rotate as the more force that moves up the club this represents how hard the player is 'pulling the grip of the club' as it approaches impact which relates to how much the ribcage and pelvis rotate. Typically the higher the force the more the player will rotate. Once more i will share some case studies explaining the plot profiles, values and timings.

In a separate post i have shared a document Rakesh prepared for those who would like to know how these forces are produced and calculated.

Therefore - the linear force has a clear significance on distance ( read Mackenzie et a 2020 recent paper for more details). The club normal force has a significant influence on how, when and how much we rotate.